Care Center Expansion.jpg

The care center is expanding in 2020!

For the past 15 years the Care Center has been assisting families by helping them remove the barriers and build the resources needed to thrive in life. But due to current space constraints we are limited to being open about 30 hours a month and during these hours we are not able to provide all the services we know people need. We realize that we can do better. So, The Care Center is building a dedicated facility on the Northstar Church campus to create even more opportunities to build relationships that lead to real life change. With this expansion we will be able to:

  • Provide a holistic set of life development resources, in partnership with current and new organizations, under one roof. The new and existing partners include organizations like Cincinnati Works, Great Oaks, Roots Staffing, The Eve Center, Tried and True Parenting, MomsHope, Wheels, Deaconess Mobile Health and Life Forward.

  • Add 6,000 sq ft. onto the existing facility. This addition will include a computer lab, workshop rooms, one-on-one counseling spaces, equipped workspace for partners, a space for one-on-one community care interviews, and a lobby that will be open throughout the week with free coffee and wi-fi.

Construction is anticipated to start on October 1, 2019 with our grand opening in October of 2020. For more information about how you can get involved and share your time, treasures, and talents to help people thrive in life please contact Greg Knake, The Care Center Executive Director, at 513-453-7999. To find out more about the campaign to build this new facility please click here.

And stay tuned here for updates about how or expansion is progressing!